Add your product pages, and those of your competitors, and our software will do the rest.

Below you can see some of the key benefits and features of the RetailX solution:

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  • Your prices are too high today.
  • You are losing margin.
  • Your competitors added promotions today. 
  • Your competitors are selling products below your cost price. 
  • Your competitors ran out of stock.
  • Your competitors removed products from their website.
  • All your competitor products that are currently in stock.
  • A benchmark comparing your prices to your competitors.
  • Recommended product price changes.
  • All your competitor products & pricing.
  • Current promotions.
  • % of products on promotion per competitor.
  • Products on promotion most often.
  • Promotional trends.
  • Price change percentages.
  • Popular brands & categories on promotion.
  • Custom Analytics Report
  • Product Views
  • Product Sales
  • Sale Values
  • Available Products
  • Stock Levels
  • And More…

Analysis of Products & Competitors Dashboard

We’ve built a 33 page dashboard with everything we could think of. It includes hundreds of graphs, tables, charts & more. The dashboard also includes a range of filters to segment your data, and our consultants will work with you to help understand the insights it provides. Including:

  • Breakdown of your products by most, average and least competitive prices.
  • Breakdown of your competitors by most, average and least competitive prices.
  • Tables comparing competitors & products with a range of different filtering options.
  • Graphs showing which competitors are actively changing their pricing & how often.
  • Breakdown of products in-stock vs out of stock and stock not guaranteed over time.
  • Your least competitive products along with competitors’ best pricing.
  • Your most competitive products along with competitors’ best pricing.
  • Top performing products by day, week, day of week, month & year.
  • In-depth analysis of your category & sub-category performance.
  • Best performing products by competitors.

Assess Competitor Markups

Simply add your cost price to RetailX and we’ll show you the markup percentage that your competitors are applying to the same products, brands, categories and subcategories.

  • Understand which competitor has the highest markup % across all products.
  • Segment markup % by brands, categories and sub-categories.
  • Assess each product’s profitability, value and markup per competitor.
  • Filter results based on products on promotion vs those that are not.
  • Filter to view only certain products, for example, highest markup percentage.

Products Sold Below Your Cost Price Report

If any of your competitors sell products below the cost price that you specified, you’ll be able to view them within your online report.

  • Should you stock products where you don’t make a profit?
  • Are your competitors clearing stock?
  • Buy up all your competitors stock at a discounted rate.

Products Sold Below Your Minimum Retail Price

Set the minimum retail prices that you’re willing to sell a product for in order to be profitable.

  • Should you stock products where there is not enough margin?
  • Which products are your competitors using as loss leaders?
  • Which brands & categories have the least profitability?

Stock on Hand Prioritisation

Track your stock on hand and ensure your prices for overstocked items are always competitive.

  • Prioritise competitiveness on products with the most stock.
  • Track which competitors run out of stock.
  • Track which competitors put these products on promotion.

Trends Over Time

Product information across all competitors is stored for 10 years, allowing you to view changing data as trends over time.

  • Product price increases over time.
  • Competitor competitiveness over time.
  • View data daily, according to day of week, or weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Filter data by more than 20 different metrics including In-Stock, On
  • Promotion, Brand, Categories, Competitors, Brands and more.

Pricing History

A dedicated report that consolidates your all time data to help you easily understand the history of products, competitors, brands, categories & more.

  • Review the most competitive price for a product for all time.
  • What were your competitors’ most competitive prices compared to yours?
  • When did your competitors have the best price, and for which products?

Comparing Product Images

As part of tracking your competitor products, we also show you what product image they’re using, and can notify you when it changes.

  • Make sure you’re using compelling product imagery.
  • Instantly download your competitors current featured product image.
  • Know when competitors are updating their sites.

Website Content Updates

Learn when your competitors update the product descriptions on their website, and the type of information they’re updating.

  • Are your competitors making product descriptions more sellable?
  • Are your competitors optimising their product descriptions for search engines?
  • See exactly what they change, and when.

Looker Studio

The report is built on Looker Studio, Google’s reporting dashboard and includes most of its additional reporting functionality

Bulk Export to CSV, Sheets or XLSX

Easily export your products, prices, competitors and more for use in other

Custom Competitor Setup

Every Competitor is individually set up to ensure 99% accuracy of data.

Local SA Support

Built in South Africa, so we are in your time zone & ready to help.

Over 1000 SA Sites

We are tracking over a thousand ecommerce stores in South Africa.

Super Easy To Use

Managing your products & competitors is super easy.

Onboarding & Training

To get you started, we’ll have a meeting with you and your team to train you in using the system.

Price Consultations

Depending on your package, you’ll be able to have quarterly or monthly product meetings with your account manager.

Product Price Consulting